How to text an MP3 to a cell phone

Updated February 21, 2017

While many cellphone owners struggle to send files to their mobile devices, you can send MP3s to your phone directly from your computer. This allows you to send the files for free and as often as you like. You can send the files directly from your e-mail address using your text message inbox.

Open the e-mailing program on your computer and click "Compose" to open a new message.

Click "Attachments" on the new e-mail message and use the pop-up menu to click on your MP3 file. Click "Open" to load the file to the email as an attachment.

Enter the email address into the "To:" field of the email message. You can format your message with your ten-digit wireless number and the domain name of the cellphone provider. For example, a Verizon number would look like this:

Click "Send" to deliver the message to the device with the MP3 attached.

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