How do I send an Unknown text message?

Sending a text message (SMS) to a recipient anonymously can be accomplished easily with a computer, Internet connection and the receiver's mobile phone number. This SMS spoofing technique can be used to send a message to a friend, lover or as a secret admirer. Be careful how you use this SMS trick, because the person receiving your messages be may startled or scared. Use discretion and keep in mind personal privacy when sending anonymous text messages.

TxtEmNow is a free SMS service that allows you to send unknown text messages to whoever you like. It is a US-based service, but you can send messages to recipients in the UK and other countries outside the United States. Optionally, if you choose, you can identify yourself by name. Leaving the contact name field blank sends a text message as anonymous.

TextForFree gives you a free option, where anonymous text messaging is possible. This services is heavily supported by advertisements, however, sending a text message takes five easy steps. This site requires you to known the recipient's mobile carrier. If you do not know the carrier, they provide you with a free mobile provider lookup tool.

Send Anonymous Text, as its name suggests, exists to enable you to send texts anonymously. When using the website, you have your current IP address logged as a warning to you not to do anything illegal. Sending an anonymous SMS on this service takes three quick steps and you do not need to know the recipient's mobile carrier. All that is required is the country and mobile phone number you are sending to.


Sending harnessing or threatening text messages in most legal jurisdictions is unlawful.

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