How to Insert the Infinity Symbol in Word Pad

Updated March 23, 2017

Users of Microsoft WordPad may run into some confusion when trying to insert the infinity symbol into the word processing program. The standard method of inserting Windows symbols, using the "Alt" button and the number pad, does not word in WordPad, although it works in Microsoft Word and Notepad. Fortunately, there is an alternate method that allows you to insert the Infinity symbol into WordPad.

Open Microsoft WordPad, then minimise the program window.

Click on the Windows "Start" button and type "Character Map" into the search box. Press "Enter" on your keyboard to open the character map.

Locate the infinity symbol in the character map. It's approximately one-quarter of the way down the list. Click on the infinity symbol.

Click on "Copy" to copy the infinity symbol to your clipboard.

Maximise the Microsoft WordPad program window. Right-click your mouse in the place you want to insert the infinity symbol and select "Paste." The symbol appears.


In other word processing programs, you can press and hold "Alt" then type "236" on the right-side number pad to insert the infinity symbol.

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