How to Connect a DVD Player & a Wii to a Sharp Aquos TV

Updated March 23, 2017

The Sharp Aquos line is a series of HD and HD-compatible LCD televisions. These TVs were first released in 2007, and targeted a range of consumers. Sharp released the Sharp Aquos TVs in sizes from portable 13-inch sets all the way up to 65-inch home theatre models. Nearly every model of Sharp Aquos TVs features multiple component and composite inputs, allowing you to connect multiple entertainment devices to the television simultaneously.

Locate the component and composite inputs on the back of your Sharp Aquos television set. They will be coloured red, yellow and white.

Connect the AV-Out cable from your Wii to the composite input labelled "Composite 1" or "AV1" on the back of the television. The AV-Out cable is grey, and has three male ends, coloured red, yellow, and white to correspond with the proper input.

Connect the AV-Out cable from your DVD player to the composite input labelled "Composite 2" or "AV2" on the back of your television. Connect the cords to the appropriate coloured slot.

Connect both the DVD player and the Wii to a power outlet.

Use the "Video Source" button on your television set, or television remote to switch between the different inputs. Use "Composite 1" to play the Wii, and "Composite 2" to watch DVD movies.

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