How to Check Printer Logs

Updated February 21, 2017

If you suspect that an unauthorised user might be printing out hard copies of private documents from your computer, there's a way you can check. While there is no single print log that keeps track of only printer jobs, there is a log that keeps track of all system events, which includes printing. As long as your computer was initially set to record print job information, you can check this log file using the "Event Viewer" tool to see when documents were printed.

Click the "Start" menu button. Click "Run."

Type "eventvwr" into the provided text field and click the "OK" button.

Click the "System" log file in the left pane to display the system log in the right pane.

Right-click the "System" log file in the left pane and select "View," then "Filter..."

Choose "Print" from the "Event Source" drop-down menu. Choose "Printers" in the "Category" drop-down menu.

Click "Apply," then click the "OK" button. View the results in the right pane of the Event Viewer window. Any print jobs that have been recently processed will be displayed with the date, time, source program and the name of the user who issued the print command.

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