How to batch print Word documents

Written by phillip benton | 13/05/2017
How to batch print Word documents
Print multiple documents automatically with one command. (Getty Images)

Batch printing is a way to print multiple documents without having to stop and open each file manually. It is useful if you need to print a large quantity of documents without continued supervision. This process will open a document, print it, close the document, and then open the next one on the list, until all the documents are printed.

Find the documents you need to print. Microsoft Word saves documents to your "Documents" folder by default.

Hold down the "Control," or "Ctrl," key on the keyboard and click once on each document name you want to include in the batch. If your documents are grouped together, a quicker way to do this is to click on the first document you want to include, then hold down the "Shift" key and click on the last document you want to include.

Right-click on any one of the documents that you have highlighted and click "Print." Word will open each document for a second, then close again. Your documents will begin to print.


  • If you are printing a large number of pages, periodically check your printer to make sure that there are no jams and that the printer still has paper.

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