How to Copy a Garmin SD Card

Some models of Garmin GPS devices allow you to expand the memory or store additional maps using an SD or a microSD memory card. A microSD memory card is a mini version of the traditional SD memory card that is used in many digital cameras and camcorders. If you are updating or changing the maps contained in your Garmin device, you may wish to backup the files contained on the card or copy them to a new card so that you can revert to them, if necessary.

Insert the microSD card into the microSD card adaptor if your Garmin GPS uses a microSD card.

Insert the SD card or MicroSD card adaptor into your computer's SD card reader.

Double-click on "Computer" or "My Computer," depending on your version of Windows, then double-click on the SD card drive to view its contents.

Highlight all of the card's contents, press and hold the "CTRL" and "C" key to copy the highlighted selection.

Right-click on the desktop, then select "New," then "Folder." Give the folder a name.

Double-click on the folder to open it, then press and hold the "CTRL" and "V" key to copy the contents of the SD card into the folder. The original files will remain on the SD card.

Remove the original SD card from the SD card reader and insert a second SD card into the SD card reader if you would like to copy the files to a new SD card.

Open the folder that was created on the Desktop, then highlight the folder's contents. Press and hold the "CTRL" and "C" key to copy the contents.

Double-click on "Computer" or "My Computer" and open the SD memory card once again. Press and hold the "CTRL" and the "V" key to copy the contents of the folder onto the new memory card.

Things You'll Need

  • MicroSD card adaptor
  • SD card reader
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