How to Download Music Onto an iPod Shuffle Mini

Updated July 19, 2017

Downloading music onto your iPod shuffle is a straightforward way for you to put your favourite music onto a small, portable music player that you can take with you wherever you go. This also means you can listen to your favourite songs whenever and wherever you want. Importing music to your iPod using its partner program, iTunes, makes this process extremely quick, stress-free and user-friendly. There are a few things you must know but once these are learnt, it's fairly simple to upload music to your iPod shuffle.

Open iTunes by clicking on its icon in your computer's task bar. Add music to your iTunes library, if you don't already have music in your library, by inserting a CD into your computer's disc drive and clicking the "Yes" tab when a box asking "Would You Like to Import the CD [Album Name] Into Your iTunes Library?" appears.

Connect your iPod shuffle to your computer's USB port using your iPod's USB cord.

Click on the small iPod symbol that will appear in the left-hand column beneath the "Devices" header. Select the "Sync" tab in the bottom right of the screen; your iTunes library will now import into your iPod shuffle.

Click on the upward-pointing arrow to the right of the mini iPod icon in the left-hand column of your iTunes screen when it has finished importing. Disconnect the USB cord when the "OK to Disconnect" bar has finished loading at the top centre of the iTunes screen.


Purchase and download songs to your iTunes library by going to "Store" on the iTunes screen and searching for--then purchasing--your chosen tracks.


Do not disconnect your iPod's USB cord from your computer without ejecting it from iTunes first using the arrow. Disconnecting without ejecting could lead to a loss of data.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes
  • USB cable
  • Audio CD (optional)
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