How to Troubleshoot a Liteon DVD Recorder

You can lose money from DVDs that are not properly recording the content using your Liteon DVD recorder. You can also be frustrated if you are unable to play your favourite movies using the playback feature of your DVD recorder. Basic troubleshooting will allow you to make the device functional. You may discover from your troubleshooting that the problem is too severe to be repaired at home, and you may have to return the DVD recorder to the retailer. Isolating the issue allows you to have a more accurate idea of what is causing the problem with the device.

Switch off the DVD recorder mode if you want to activate time recording. Make sure there is a recordable disc inside the DVD recorder drive and verify the system time is correct on the DVD recorder if you are having issues with time recording. Check for any schedule overlaps in the programming you want to record as well as ensure that there is enough space on your disk if all of your content is not being recorded.

Check the cables connecting the DVD recorder if you are experiencing no sound. Replace audio cables with new cables as sometimes they can be damaged. When recording a video, check to see if it is in a DTS format. The Liteon DVD recorder does not support DTS formats. The format can be found based on the origin of the video you are recording. Clean the cable plugs using a soft cloth or Q-tip if you are also experiencing no sound or distorted sound.

Turn off the DVD recorder and turn it back on if you are having issues with the DVD recorder lack of response to any commands. Unplug the DVD recorder for approximately one minute and plug it back in if you still encounter issues with an unresponsive Liteon recorder. Contact your local retailer if the problem persists.

Contact your retailer is the disc tray does not open or close. Gently push the tray if it does not close, but do not pull if out if it will not open.

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