How to make my own teeth molds & bleaching trays

Updated April 17, 2017

Teeth whitening can become extremely expensive if you opt for the kits available from your dentist. While they are more effective than whitening strips or drugstore brand kits, they do cost quite a bit more.These kits are comprised of customised teeth trays and a whitening solution.The trays are created at your dentist's office by taking impressions of your upper and lower teeth to create a custom mould. If you happen to lose your mouth tray or decide to save a little on the cost of a full kit, a sports mouth guard, which costs under £3, can be a potential alternative.

Fill the pot approximately half full of water and place on stove at high heat. Allow the water to come to a boil.

Place the mouth guards carefully into the water and allow them to remain in the boiling water for 30 seconds. This process will soften the plastic, which will prepare the material for moulding around your teeth.

Cool the mouth guards for about one minute. You may run the guards under cool water to speed up the process. You want the guard to be pliable.

Place one guard into your mouth and bite down to create an indentation of your upper teeth in the mould. Hold the bite for one minute. Repeat this process for the lower teeth.

Allow the guards to cool completely before using. When ready to whiten, follow your dentist's recommendation for using the whitening solution and leave on as instructed.


If your new whitening tray is uncomfortable or doesn't fit properly, simply repeat the process by dropping the guard back into boiling water again.


Always follow instructions for using teeth whitening solution as prescribed by your dentist. A custom teeth whitening tray created by your dentist will provide a better fit and is recommended for use with dental grade whitening solutions. This is simply an option for individuals seeking an alternative.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 "Boil and Bite" style mouth guards
  • Pot
  • Water
  • Teeth whitening solution (available through your dentist)
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