How to Find Which Fonts Are Missing in PowerPoint

Updated March 23, 2017

When you create large-scale presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint containing many different images, boxes and fonts, the formatting can get lost when displayed on other computer systems. This is especially true when it comes to text fonts---if the other computer does not have a special font installed that you've included in your presentation, the text will not display correctly. PowerPoint has an automatic feature that allows you to identify which fonts are missing.

Save your presentation on the original computer where you created it. Send it to yourself via e-mail or FTP so that you can access it on the computer that may not have all of the fonts.

Load the presentation on the other computer, preferably where you plan to make or send your presentation. Make sure that the other computer has Microsoft PowerPoint 2004 or later installed so that you can open the file properly.

View the "Missing Default Fonts" dialogue box that appears if some of the fonts don't translate to the new computer. The dialogue box lists each font name and informs you that it will replace them with similar fonts. It also gives you the option to take down the names of the missing fonts, then close out of the file and install them onto the other computer system.

Return to your first computer and open the original PowerPoint file with the information about missing fonts in hand. You can replace these missing fonts with more common font types (like Arial or Times New Roman) as another alternative to get the presentation to display correctly on the other computer system.

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