How to Replace a CD Drive in a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

While upgrading a laptop isn't quite as simple as upgrading a desktop, it's still possible to swap out parts in your Toshiba Satellite if you want new features. If your CD drive just isn't cutting it anymore, you might want to upgrade to a faster DVD drive or install a drive capable of writing data to a disc. The existing drive is only held in place by a small screw, which anyone can remove with tools found at home.

Press the "eject" button on the existing CD drive. Remove any media currently inserted in the drive and close the drive again. Turn off your Toshiba Satellite and remove any cords attached to the laptop's ports.

Set the laptop's lid into the closed position and flip the laptop over so the bottom part of the case is fully visible. Press the two release latches located near the top of the case, just below the battery.

Lift the battery out of the Satellite laptop and place it aside to ensure there is no power going to any of the laptop's components. Locate the rectangular plastic cover below the empty battery port.

Remove the two Phillips screws at the top and bottom end of the cover. Use the edge of the screwdriver or your fingernail to lift the cover and remove it from the laptop. The green memory modules will be visible underneath the cover.

Locate the CD drive screw, which is to the left of the memory modules. Remove the screw with your Phillips screwdriver.

Hold the edge of the CD drive that is exposed outside the laptop. Pull the drive away from the laptop slowly. Set the old drive aside.

Position the new optical drive in front of the open space on the laptop and make sure the end with the eject button is facing out of the laptop. Slide the drive in and replace the screw you removed.

Replace the plastic cover and the two screws. Insert the battery into the empty port at the top end of the Satellite's case. Flip the laptop over and press the power button.

Wait for a new window to appear labelled as "Found New Hardware." Follow the prompts to install the driver software for your new optical drive.


New optical drives for your Toshiba laptop, such as a CD or rewritable DVD drive, are available through Toshiba or websites that offer computer components.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Laptop optical drive
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