How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller in Pictures

Updated February 21, 2017

With the advent of new technology, the TV, film and photography industries can use more and more tools to produce a high-quality finished product. You can use the same tools to enhance pictures or home videos. You can airbrush with various types of software to modify your appearance with special effects. Using make-up is a simple and relatively inexpensive way to make your nose appear smaller in still photos.

Select a light cream foundation that matches your skin tone. You can find cream foundation at a local chemist, department store or speciality make-up shop. If you are not experienced selecting make up colours, you can get help from a specialist at the department store make-up counter. The help is free. The camera will likely show your make-up as being smooth-toned as long as the colours are close.

Purchase a dark cream foundation that is no more than two shades darker than the light cream foundation. Select a set of basic eye make-up brushes.

Apply the light cream foundation to your face in an even layer before your photo shoot. Next, take an eyeshadow brush and apply the dark cream foundation in slow, even strokes down both sides of your nose. Leave the bridge, tip and nostrils untouched.

Blend out the edges of the make-up with a large eyeshadow brush.


This idea works for men and women, but men may choose only a light neutral powder to their faces before they apply make-up to the nose.


Practice blending your make-up before your photo session. Improperly blended nose make-up can make you look like you have a large bruise on your face.

Things You'll Need

  • dark cream foundation
  • light cream foundation
  • make-up brushes
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