How to word a save the date card

Updated April 17, 2017

A Save the Date card is a pre-invitation notice that officially announces the date of a wedding. Many brides opt to send a Save the Date card to let those whom they want in attendance know that they will be formally invited to the wedding. Because Save the Date cards are usually sent out six months or more before the wedding, the recipient is given plenty of notice to set the date aside so that they can attend the event.

Place “Save the Date” at the top of the card. This immediately alerts the recipient to the purpose of the card.

Insert the date below “Save the Date.” When wording a Save the Date card, it’s vital that the date be presented clearly. Consider including the day of the week in addition to the date, month and year.

Name the event. A Save the Date card should clearly state what is happening on the date. Popular wording used for naming a wedding includes “For the wedding of,” followed by the bride and groom's names, and “To celebrate the marriage of,” followed by the bride and groom's names.

Include the location. Because some wedding guests will likely have to travel to the wedding, it’s important to include the city and state where the wedding will take place.

Add the text “A formal invitation will follow.” To avoid any confusion, alert recipients to the fact that a formal wedding invitation will be arriving.

Address the Save the Date card. The Knot advises brides-to-be to include the names of those who will be invited to the wedding on the Save the Date card envelope to avoid any confusion.


If there is a change to the wedding plans after the Save the Date cards are mailed out, recipients should be notified personally.


Once a Save the Date card is sent to a recipient, the recipient will expect a formal invitation. For this reason, only those whom the bride definitely wants in attendance should receive a Save the Date card.

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