How to Make Your Own Round Stickers

Updated February 21, 2017

Activities such as scrapbooking, making greeting cards and crafting often call for stickers as a decorating material. Although stickers are available pre-printed in most stores, they often lack personalization or are not exactly what you need. Instead of spending money on "so-so" stickers, make your own using acid-free inkjet sticker paper. Designing is made easier with the use of a graphics program. Whether you use Adobe Photoshop or Broderbund Print Shop, design round stickers for the whole family to enjoy.

Open a new document in your graphics program and set the document size to 8.5 by 11 inches, or standard U.S. paper size. Adjust the resolution to at least 200 pixels per inch.

Select the "Shape" tool in the program. Depending on the program, the location of the "Shape" or "Circle" tool will vary. Click-hold in an area on the document, hold down the "Shift" key and drag the cursor to create a circle.

Hit "Ctrl+A" to select the circle, then "Ctrl+C" to copy it. Press "Ctrl+V" to paste the circle onto the document page. Paste as many circles as desired to fit on the page.

Choose the "Paintbucket" tool and click inside the circle to fill it with color, if desired. Select the "Paint" or "Draw" tool to draw inside each circle. Or, select the "Text" tool, click inside the circle and type a message.

Load the sticker paper into the inkjet paper tray. Go to "File," then "Print," and hit "OK" to print the circle designs onto the face of the sticker paper.

Cut out the round stickers with a pair of scissors. Peel the backing off of the stickers as you use them.


Load a photograph into Photoshop, then select the "Circle Marquee" tool. Hold down "Shift" and click-drag a circle over select areas of the picture. Go to "Select," then "Inverse," then hit "Ctrl+X" to make photographic stickers.

Things You'll Need

  • Graphics program
  • Acid-free sticker paper
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scissors
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