How do I Remove a Headlight in a Volvo V40?

Updated March 23, 2017

The Volvo V40 was the wagon version of the Volvo S40. Although the S40 is still produced, production for the V40 ceased after the 2004 model year. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of V40 models on the road. If you are an owner of a V40, you'll likely have to replace the headlights at some point in time. Once you remove the headlights, you can simply trace your steps backward to install the new ones.

Switch the headlight control to "Off" and take the key out of the V40's ignition. Open the hood.

Look behind the headlight case to locate the headlight you want to remove. The innermost headlight is the low-beam headlight; the outermost headlight is the high-beam headlight.

Grasp the corner of the rubber seal and peel it off to remove it. This gives you access to the headlight and its locking wire.

Push the locking wire down and pivot it to the side to release the headlight. Grasp the plug connected to the back of the headlight and pull it out.

Hold the headlight by its steel base and pull it straight back to remove it. If you are installing a new headlight, reverse the removal process to install it.


The low-beam headlight is the most commonly used bulb; the high-beam headlight is used for the Volvo's bright lights.

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