How to Delete Multiple Emails in Microsoft Outlook Web Access

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft Outlook Web Access allows Outlook users to access their e-mail from a remote site using a web browser. Many features are available on the web-access version of Outlook, including creating signatures and out-of-office replies and organising incoming mail and contacts. E-mails can be deleted one at a time, but for anyone who receives a lot of mail, especially junk mail, knowing how to delete multiple e-mails can save time.

Log on to Outlook Web Access and open the folder, containing the messages you want to delete.

Select the first message to delete. Click just once on this e-mail to highlight the message on the main Outlook screen.

Scroll down to the last e-mail. Press the shift key on the keyboard as you click on the last e-mail. All e-mails in the inbox or folder should be highlighted. The last e-mail could be the very last e-mail in the folder or inbox or just the last e-mail in a block of e-mails.

Click the "Delete" button on the main toolbar. Deleted messages will be sent to the recycling bin and remain there until it is emptied.

Select the first e-mail you would like to delete.

Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on all other e-mails that you would like to delete.

Click the "Delete" button on the main toolbar. The e-mails will be sent to the recycling bin.

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