How to stop a proxy bypass

Updated February 21, 2017

A proxy block is generally utilised to prevent users from accessing Web destinations like porn, social networking and flash websites as well as proxies, which are websites that are used to bypass a proxy block. However, if your proxy blocking methods are not good enough, Internet users may still be able to access proxy sites to bypass your proxy restrictions. Fortunately, if you want to stop a proxy bypass conclusively, there is a variety of proficient and reliable Web filtering software that will keep Internet users in your network from being able to bypass your proxy settings.

Operate the McAfee SmartFilter software to stop a proxy bypass. The McAfee SmartFilter gives the network administrator the option of restricting Web pages by category, such as anonymous or private proxy servers. The SmartFilter also provides a reporting feature that offers organised data and results of the Internet user or IP address. Within the McAfee SmartFilter software, you may search out proxy websites with the McAfee Web Reporter to and then restrict them with the SmartFilter software.

Initiate the Barracuda Web Filter to set blocks on proxy websites. The Barracuda Web Filter grants the choice to block proxies by domain, file type as well as content categories like proxy sites, anonymous proxies and proxy servers. The Barracuda Web filtering program gives administrators the ability to characterise the restriction settings by individual user, and the software also comes with malware protection incorporated.

Set up the Websense Web Filter Solutions software on your network to stop a proxy bypass. With the activation of the Websense Web Filter Solution software, Internet users will be unable to access proxy websites. The size of your computer network will determine which Websense program will be most suitable for your proxy restriction needs.

Make use of the SmoothWall intelligent website filtering program within your computer network to restrict users from bypassing your proxy blocking settings. This Web filtering program can function as software, hardware or a virtual network appliance. SmoothWall prevents users from accessing proxy servers and comes with Guardian Web Filter, which also aids in automatic proxy restriction to ensure Internet browsers are unable to access them.


To download any of these programs, visit the links in the References section of this article.

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