How do I Get Paid to Give Tarot Advice Online?

Updated April 17, 2017

Giving advice using tarot cards can give you tremendous satisfaction, as well as an income. While traditional tarot card readers give advice in person, you can now perform readings online. Creating your own website or using an existing website makes it easier to get into the business. You will need to register as a business for tax purposes and learn how to keep accurate financial records.

Setting up an online business

Pick a website or hosting service that best suits your needs. Many offer domain name purchasing services along with hosting packages. Pick a domain name that stands out and is easy to remember.

Set up an online payment account so customers can pay you for your services. PayPal and Google Checkout offer easy online payment services, including credit card processing, for a nominal fee.

If you choose to build your own website, consider using a free website builder. Microsoft Publisher and WordPress offer free website templates, as well as a website builder. Design your website to make it eye catching and easy to use.

Set up an e-mail account to send your online tarot readings from. Hosting sites usually offer a set number of e-mail addresses as part of your hosting package.

Set a price for each type of reading you will offer, including short and long readings.

Using existing websites

Set up an eBay account. Follow the simple instructions on the website. If you will be offering other products along with your readings, you can set up a storefront. To gain good exposure, create auctions that list your readings for seven days.

Once a reading is purchased via eBay, follow instructions for sending invoices to customers. Wait until a customer has paid before performing the reading. Type the reading into an e-mail or Word document and send it to your customer. Don't forget to leave and allow customer feedback.

Create an account on an existing tarot card reading website. They typically handle payment processing for you and send you the funds. Most websites take a percentage of your earnings to cover the cost of bandwidth and name use.

Register your business with your state government. Each state has its own requirements, so check with your state regarding necessary paperwork and requirements.

Register your business' name. Choose a unique name or have your full legal name serve as the default name.

Obtain a Federal Tax ID and register with your state's revenue agency. Get all permits and licenses required for selling a service in your state.

Pick a financial records filing program that you find easy to use. Microsoft offers Excel, or you can use any spreadsheet program. Keep records of bills paid and outstanding, income and any fees you pay out. You can use an accountant if you prefer more detailed records.


When choosing an existing website, pick a known and reputable website. On eBay, check buyers' feedback and ratings to protect yourself from fraud. Be friendly and professional when giving readings.


Watch for websites that are only after your money. Research each website carefully before signing up.

Things You'll Need

  • Tarot cards
  • Computer with Internet access
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