Rag Rug Loop Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Rag rugs are made from a fabric pulled through a loosely woven material with some type of implement that goes through the fabric and comes back and forms a loop rather than a stitch. Some of the fabrics used for the base are linen, burlap or wide-holed canvas. One of the rag rug styles you can do is the hook style rag rug. You can complete this using a kit sold in craft stores.

Hold the hook with your hand. Insert the hook into a hole on the canvas of your rug kit. Start at the top of the pattern.

Take a piece of yarn from your hook rug kit that corresponds to the colour of the section where you inserted the hook. The yarn comes in long pieces, but do not cut the lengths. It will be easier to work with long pieces. Make a loop, and place it at the end of the hook that you inserted in the canvas.

Pull the hook back through the canvas pulling away from your body. Pull the excess yarn or fabric gently through the back of the canvas with your free hand. Leave just a small loop showing.

Push the loop into the next space on the canvas. Place the yarn onto the hook and again pull it through the canvas using your other hand. Pull the excess yarn with your free hand. Make sure both loops are the same height.

Work along the line of your pattern for that specific colour of yarn. When you get to the end of the yarn, instead of making a loop, bring the end of the yarn up through the canvas so that it resembles a tiny tail.

Put the hook through the canvas in the same hole you ended, and start with a new piece of yarn.

Lay the fabric on the hook, and pull through the fabric away from you. You will now have two pieces in that hole, the loop from the new piece and the tail from the old one.

Leave the tail from the old piece of yarn for now, and continue working with the new piece. Change yarn colours depending on the design of your pattern. Leave the end of the colour you are using and in the same hole, bring up a loop of the new colour.

Finish the entire design on your canvas, filling the whole pattern with yarn pieces. Cut the “tails” of the end pieces of yarn as close to the loops as possible with very sharp scissors. Be careful not to cut any loops.


Do not tie the yarn at the back of the canvas so that the rug will lay flat. Use your new rag rug as a rug or wall decor.


Always do crafts in good light so that you do not hurt your vision.

Things You'll Need

  • Hook rug kit
  • Hook
  • Scissors
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