How do I Replace the Battery in a Breitling B-1 Watch?

Updated November 21, 2016

The Breitling Watch Company began in Switzerland in 1884 and continues to manufacture dress and sports watches for men and women. The watches are available at high-end department stores and authorised retailers around the world and are considered luxury fashion accessories. Like all battery-operated watches, however, the battery in a Breitling B-1 watch may eventually slow or stop, requiring a new battery.

Use a soft, clean cloth to wipe off the front and back of the watch to remove any excess dirt or debris.

Set the watch face down on a soft cloth. Look at the back of the watch (the case back) to identify the type of case back. A smooth case back is a snapback case, while a case back with several small slots is a screw-back case.

Use the metal tips on a case back wrench, available at watch repair stores, to simultaneously turn the slots on a screw-back case and open the case back. Alternatively, use the flat blade of a small standard screwdriver to turn the slots and open the watch.

Lift out the old battery and use it as a guide to purchase a new battery, which can be found at most hardware stores or watch repair stores.

Insert the new battery and place the case back on the watch. A snapback case can be popped into place by pressing gently on the case back once the indents have been aligned. A screw-back case must be closed by turning the slots in a clockwise motion using a case-back wrench or a screwdriver blade.

Set the watch if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloth(s)
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Case back wrench
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