How to Host a Small Casino Dinner Party

An intimate dinner party allows you to enjoy one-on-one time with your guests. Choosing a theme for your dinner party adds a bit of festivity to the celebration. Guests who enjoy card games, gambling or simply the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas will love a casino party. Carry your casino theme throughout all aspects of your dinner party, and your guests will be sure to have an enjoyable evening.

Design invitations that match your theme. Send out an invitation shaped like a pair of dice or a poker chip, and ask guests to come "Press your luck at the Hudsons' casino dinner party." You can also choose invitations that feature playing cards or Las Vegas to tie into your casino dinner party theme.

Plan a casino-themed menu. Offer an elegant menu similar to one that guests would order in a Las Vegas hotel or ritzy casino. Prime rib, stuffed chicken breasts or lobster is an entrée that guests will enjoy. Offer roasted potatoes and vegetables to round out your dinner party menu. Since you're hosting an intimate gathering, you can choose pricier entrées for your limited guest list.

Offer casino-inspired cocktails. You can provide a signature cocktail at your dinner party, which cuts down on the cost of alcohol. Name your cocktail after something casino-related---for example, you can offer "Blackjack Beer," "Casino Cosmopolitan" or "Roulette Rum Punch." While your drinks aren't too out of the ordinary, the names fit in well with your theme.

Decorate your table to reflect your theme. Use a green tablecloth to cover your dining room table and simulate the green felt top of casino tables. Run poker chips or dice down the centre of your table. Attach playing cards to 6-inch dowel rods, and stick them in a vase or flowerpot for a customised casino party centrepiece.

Send guests home with casino-themed favours. Bake sugar cookies, and decorate them to look like dice. Wrap them in cellophane, and tie the favours closed with a ribbon. Or, fill a bag full of poker chips, and attach a label to each bag that says "Thanks for coming to our casino dinner party." Give each guest a deck of cards, and create a personalised label for the card box that says, "Will and Betty's Casino Dinner Party, November 3, 2010." You can leave these favours at each guest's place setting to add another decorative, thematic touch to your table.

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