How to Unlock a Seagate Hard Drive

Updated April 17, 2017

Seagate makes a range of storage devices and hard drives that can be used with your home desktop or laptop. One popular feature of Seagate's hard drives is the ability to set a security password. If you ever forget your password, you can recover it by erasing the disk memory and setting a new password. These instructions are for the Maxtor OneTouch, but you can follow them for any Seagate model by switching out Maxtor for the name of your model in the instructions.

Connect your Seagate hard drive to your computer by plugging in the hard drive cable into a USB port. Wait for the drive to become visible in your computer.

Click on the Start menu on the bottom of your screen and open the "All Programs" folder.

Look for the folder named "Maxtor" and click it to open. Click on the "OneTouch" file.

Select the "Maxtor OneTouch" program and choose the option on the far right called "Security Settings."

Click on the "Erase Drive" option and then select the "Confirm" button. Click on the "Yes" button when prompted with a yes or no screen.

Let the program run until it is finished and then use the hard drive you would normally. Do not unplug the hard drive until the program indicates it is done.


Use a password question that will be easy for you to remember but something that no one else could guess.


Unlocking the hard drive will also remove any content you have on it.

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