How to Create Name Tags From an Excel Database

Updated March 13, 2018

It is convenient to have name tags for large groups of people at any social gathering or business meeting. You can easily create name tags from an Excel database in Microsoft Word. Purchase name tags from a local office supply store and then create the badges with your software.

Open up Microsoft Word. Leave up the new document that automatically opens.

Click "Mailings" and choose "Start Mail Merge" from the "Start Mail Merge" options.

Select "Labels."

Choose the type of printer you will use to print the labels.

Select the supplier that produced the name tag sheet under "Label vendors."

Select the product number that matches the information on your name tag packaging. The label information for each product number is displayed to the right, under "Label information."

Click "OK" once you have all your options set.

Click "Options" from the "File" menu in the Microsoft Word document you already have open. Select "Advanced" and then check the box next to "Confirm file format conversion on open" under the "General" section. Click "OK." If you have connected a word document to a worksheet before, skip this step.

Click "Mailings," choose "Select Recipients" from the "Start Mail Merge" group and click "Use Existing List."

Find the Excel worksheet that contains your database in the "Select Data Source" box and double-click the file.

Click "MS Excel Worksheets via DDE (*.xls)" in the "Confirm Data Source" box and click "OK."

Select the cell range that has the names you want on the name tags in the "Named or cell range" area in the Excel dialogue box. Click "OK." This connects the labels and the database.

Click "Edit Recipients List" in the "Start Mail Merge" group on the "Mailings" tab to select only certain names for your name tags.

Choose one of the three options to select names: "Select individual records," "Sort records," or "Filter records."

Check the boxes next to the names you want included and clear the boxes next to the names you do not want if you use the "Individual records" option. This option is useful if you are only making name tags for a few names.

Click the column headings if you use the "Sort records" options to sort the names in ascending alphabetical order or descending alphabetical order.

Select "Filter" under the "Refine recipient list" to use the "Filter records" option. Choose the criteria you want to use to filter the records in the "Query Options" box on the "Filter Records" tab. Click "And" or "Or" and select more criteria if you want to narrow the filter further.

Click on the first label in the new document. Select the "Mailings" tab and select "Insert Merge Field" from the "Write & Insert Fields" options.

Select "Database Fields." Click "First Name" and then click "Last Name."

Click "Insert" and then "Close."

Select "Update Labels" in the "Write & Insert Fields" group. Click "Preview Results" in the "Preview Results" options and click through each name tag.

Load your labels in the printer tray, then click "Finish & merge" in the "Finish" option and select "Print Documents."

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Word
  • Name tag labels
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