How to Use a Nokia Bluetooth HS-36W

Written by hollan johnson | 13/05/2017

The Nokia HS-36W is a wireless Bluetooth headset used with phones that support Bluetooth technology. This means you can talk on your phone using the headset without actually holding the phone; as long as your phone is within 30 feet of the Nokia HS-36W, you will be able to talk on it. The Nokia HS-36W allows for hands-free talking which comes in handy in many situations.

Plug the Nokia HS-36W into its charger. Allow the battery to charge completely. The blue light will switch off when the Nokia HS-36W is fully charged.

Turn the Nokia HS-36W on. Press the "Answer/End" key and the "+" key at the same time, holding them for five seconds. The blue light should come on.

Open your phone's Bluetooth menu. Turn "Bluetooth" on then select "Discovery Mode." Select "Search" then "Yes" when your phone finds the Nokia HS-36W. Enter the passcode "0000" into your phone when prompted. The blue light on your Nokia HS-36W will flash when the pairing mode is complete.

Place the Nokia HS-36W over your ear. Press the "Answer/End" key to answer a call. Press and hold the "Answer/End" key if you want the call to go to voice mail. To place a call, dial the number then click on the "Answer/End" key to transfer the call to your headset. Press and hold down the "Answer/End" key to redial the last number called.

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