How to Get a Fake Tan Darker & Bronzer

Updated November 21, 2016

Many people yearn for a deep, dark tan but refuse to expose their skin to the harsh sun. Fortunately, there are many products that you can buy at the store to achieve a golden glow without UV rays. Many products in stores allow you to choose how dark your tan is. Along with choosing the right products, there are other ways to get a fake tan darker and bronzer.

Exfoliate and cleanse your skin before applying the tanning lotion. You will need to do this to ensure that the tan adheres. Be sure that there is no lotion on your skin before applying the sunless tanner. Some lotions contain mineral oil and can block the tanning lotion, which will prevent your tan from being the darkest that it can be.

Apply the lotion evenly. The lotion will adhere to the driest parts of your body first, so pay special attention to the elbows and knees. Use the lotion sparingly on these parts.

Choose a product with a higher concentration of vegetable dye. Many products on the market offer different levels of darkness. Some products even feature a dial which allows you to select how much dye is in your lotion.

Apply lotion multiple times. Once your first tan is dry, you can put another application of lotion over the tan. You will not want to exfoliate when doing additional applications because that will take off some of the previous layer of tanning lotion. The more applications that you do, the deeper and darker your tan will be.

Moisturise. In order to keep your tan looking dark, you will want to keep your skin moisturised with regular lotion. The more moisture your skin has, the longer and darker the fake tan will last. Also, cut down on your shaving and exfoliating. When you shave, the first layer of skin will come off and it will take your dark tan with it.


Wash your hands after applying bronzing lotion to prevent stains.


Discontinue the use of lotion if you develop a rash.

Things You'll Need

  • Tanning lotion
  • Body lotion
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