How to find brown hair colour with no auburn tone

Finding the right colour for your hair can be tricky. Hair colours come in different tones, such as cool, neutral or warm. Each colour has its own base shade as well. Depending on the tone and base shade, the resulting overall colour will have different underlying tones. In other words, not all brown hair colours are created equal. Auburn is a reddish brown colour, and the trick to finding a brown hair colour with no auburn in it is choosing a brown with the right tone and base shade.

Determine which shade of brown you want -- for example, light, medium or dark brown.

Choose from a couple of options in terms of how to find a brown with no auburn tone. You could select an ash brown colour. Ash has a green base to it, which will cancel out any red tones like those present in auburn. Many hair colour product brands have colour charts on their websites, so look at those first to find an ash colour. Or go to your local beauty supply shop and tell them you're looking for an ash brown.

Go for the next option if an ash, which is classified as a cool colour, is not exactly what you're searching for. Other hair colours are neutral or warm, and you could select a neutral brown instead. The box of hair colour should indicate if it is a neutral base colour, sometimes denoted with an "N." If you need help, consult the folks at your local beauty supply shop, and they can help you find a neutral brown.

Pick up an unred hair colour additive product, to be on the safe side. If you choose a neutral brown, there is a risk that an auburn tone could still appear when you colour your hair. The additive will eliminate any red tones from coming through. You simply add it to your hair colour product before applying to your hair. Follow the full instructions on the product's package.


If you're colouring your hair at home, don't go more than two to three shades lighter or darker than your natural brown colour. You'll be more likely to be satisfied with the result. If you want more of a dramatic change, it's best to head to the salon.

Things You'll Need

  • Ash brown hair colour, or
  • Neutral base brown hair colour
  • Unred hair colour additive
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