How to start a ruff ryders motorcycle club

Updated July 20, 2017

Ruff Ryders Entertainment is a multimillion-dollar business that promotes rap, hip-hop and rhythm and blues music. Though the Ruff Ryders has an established presence in the urban music scene, the organisation also promotes unique lifestyles. Ruff Ryder Lifestyle Divisions welcome car, dog, mixed martial arts, and motorcycle enthusiasts. The Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Division accepts riders of all levels who choose to identify and promote the club's lifestyles and beliefs. Chapters bring together motorcyclists who enjoy riding, camaraderie and fun.

Check membership requirements. An interested motorcyclist must meet club standards before starting a Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club in the local area. If you wish to join the motorcycle or car division, you must be a licensed, registered owner of a motorcycle. In this division, you can represent Ruff Ryders by being a licensed, registered Ryder on the streets or by stunting and/or racing on closed courses. You must be at least 18 years of age.

Contact the Ruff Ryders Motorcyle Division to request an application to join. There are several ways to contact the division. Anyone who is interested can contact a local area chapter and inquire about membership, approach any Ruff Ryder and ask about joining, call the national Ruff Ryders administration offices or go to the website to complete an online membership inquiry form. Inquiries will be answered. Once a membership application is completed, the interested motorcyclist will be contacted to start his required prospective period.

Complete the required prospective membership process. Anyone who wants to join Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club is assigned a Prospective Manager or personal mentor to monitor him as he progresses through a probationary period. Prospective members must actively participate in club activities and meetings before being allowed to become a fully patched or accepted member of the club. Pay all fees before the due date. The Prospective Manager will evaluate a prospective member as he moves along in the membership process to help him meet the necessary requirements. Once a prospect has completed a standard 90-day prospective period of prospecting, all the required paperwork and paid fees, the president, prospect manager, and local club will set a date to officially welcome him as a full member of the Ruff Ryders Motorcycle Club.

Contact the prospect manager to inquire about starting a new chapter. Ruff Ryders will assign a local chapter to mentor and assist a member in getting a chapter started.

Things You'll Need

  • Operable motorcycle
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