How to create & print luggage tags

Updated April 17, 2017

You can easily make your luggage stand out from the rest with a few clicks of a mouse and some laminate paper. Luggage tags can reflect who you are as a person or can be just as plain as the original tags that came with your suitcase. The designs and possibilities for your luggage tags are abundant and will make locating your luggage much easier.

Open Word on your computer. Click the "Home" tab or click the Office logo button in the left hand corner of your screen and select "New." A new dialogue box will appear.

Type "luggage tags" in the search bar and a list of tags will appear. Select the template that suits you best, then click the "Download" or "Open" button in the bottom right corner. The template you chose will appear in your document. Adjust the font, colour and size of the tags to create a design and style you desire.

Select the "Home" tab again and choose "Print." Print your document on any colour paper you choose. The brighter the paper, of course, the easier your tags will be to locate among similar looking suitcases.

Using scissors, cut out each tag. Colour each tag with markers if desired.

Peel the laminate paper apart and place the luggage tags on the paper. Press and smooth the laminate paper with your fingers to keep air bubbles from forming. If air bubbles develop that you can't remove, use a safety pin to pop them and smooth the laminate with your fingers.

Cut the laminate around the tags, leaving a small gap between laminate and paper. If you cut the laminate along the paper line, the luggage tag will peel.

Punch a hole into the top or side of the luggage tag with your hole punch and string the ribbon through.

Place your new tag on your luggage.

Things You'll Need

  • Markers
  • Laminate paper
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon
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