How to make permanent hair dye

Colouring your hair at home provides you with the opportunity to control the ingredients you put in your hair. Making a homemade permanent hair dye proves easy when you use the right materials. Whether you're looking for a bold and punky hue or a more natural colour, homemade permanent dye is a cost friendly alternative to going to an expensive salon.

Add the crushed mica powder to the hair dye applicator bottle. Use a colour or blend of colours to create a hue you desire. Mica pigments come in every colour imaginable and can be obtained through hobby and craft supply stores. Mica pigments are actually natural minerals that possess their own colours. These natural minerals provide your permanent hair dye recipe with the colour you are seeking without using harsh colour chemicals.

Add the ammonia to the bottle. Ammonia is used to swell and open the hair's cuticles, allowing it to absorb hair colour permanently. Secure the cap and shake the bottle to dissolve the pigment in the liquid.

Add the cream developer to the bottle. The developer is used to penetrate the colour through your hair follicles. Cream developer contains peroxide, which reacts with the ammonia to create the permanent colouring process on your hair.

Cap the bottle and shake it vigorously until a foamy coloured cream appears. Apply to dry hair immediately.


Rinse your hair out after 30 minutes with this gentle homemade permanent formula. Rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear. Use a deep-conditioning treatment afterward, focusing on your roots and scalp.


Apply this ammonia-based dye in a well-ventilated area with gloves on. Avoid getting it in your eyes as well. Ammonia is a noxious chemical that can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled, so make sure to either apply the dye outdoors or near an opened window. Do not scrub the permanent hair dye into your scalp. Ammonia and peroxide, although gentle enough to use on your hair for dye, can burn your scalp or at the least, irritate it. This recipe is much like the formulas sold in stores, so use the same caution using it as you would these commercial products.

Things You'll Need

  • 113gr. hair developer cream (40 volume)
  • 85.1gr. mica pigment powder
  • Plastic applicator bottle (227gr)
  • 3 tbsp ammonia
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