How to use your mobile phone as a mobile broadband wireless router

Updated July 20, 2017

Having a fast connection makes all the difference when browsing the Web. There may be times when you don't always have access to your home Internet connection when you're out and about and need to access the Web quickly. Using your mobile phone, you can access the Web with your laptop and use your phone as a mobile broadband wireless router.

Android and BlackBerry

Download the PdaNet software onto your computer. PdaNet allows you to pair your computer with your cell phone via Bluetooth technology so you can have a wireless Internet connection (see Resources).

Download the PdaNet app for your BlackBerry by accessing the link from the PdaNet website (see Resources). For your Andriod device, you may visit the Android Market for the PdaNet App. You will be able to view the PdaNet app in the "Applications" or "Downloads" folder of your mobile phone once it's downloaded. The app allows you to use your device as a wireless router.

Open the "System Preferences" folder and click "Bluetooth," if you have a Mac. If you are a Windows user, click the "Control Panel," select "Network and Internet" and click the "Bluetooth" settings to enable your computer to be discoverable for the Bluetooth pairing.

Open PdaNet on your mobile phone, click "Enable Bluetooth DUN," and click "Yes" to allow your cell phone to be in discoverable mode and to pair it via Bluetooth with your computer.

Open the PdaNet software on your computer and select the option to connect the Internet using your mobile phone. Your computer will use the 3G or Edge network, whichever is available, as the Internet connection for your phone.


Select "System Preferences," if you have a Mac, to activate Bluetooth, or select the Bluetooth settings in the "Control Panel," if you have a Windows machine, to make your computer discoverable to pair with your iPhone.

Click "Settings," "General," "Network" and "Internet Tethering" on your iPhone and follow the directions to connect via Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows you to connect your iPhone and computer wirelessly. Once you connect via Bluetooth, "Now Discoverable" will display on the iPhone screen.

Select "Use device as a network port" on the iPhone. On your computer, select the option that says, "Add a new Bluetooth Device" and select the "Wireless iAP" option. Follow the directions on the screen until the pairing is complete. You will now see "Internet Tethering" displayed on the home screen of your iPhone once the pairing is complete.

Windows mobile

Turn on the Bluetooth on your computer. If you have Windows, you can access the Bluetooth settings from the "Control Panel" and with a Mac, in the "System Preferences."

Turn on the Bluetooth on your Windows mobile device by accessing the "Wireless Manager" and make the device visible to pair it with your computer by selecting "Make Device Visible" in settings.

Access the Bluetooth settings on your computer and pair your Windows mobile device with it. You will have to set up a passkey to secure your wireless network to pair your computer and mobile phone.

Open the Internet Sharing program on your Windows mobile phone, change the "PC Connection" settings to "Bluetooth PAN" and click "Connect." Using your computer, right-click the Bluetooth icon and select "Join a Personal Network" or "Join a PAN" and connect your Windows device to use it as a wireless router for your computer.


Use your cell phone's 3G network to access a faster Internet connection.


Determine the costs with your wireless provider to tether the Internet using your mobile phone to ensure you don't incur overages if you don't have an unlimited data plan.

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