How to Remove Stuck Cartridges From an HP DeskJet Printer

Updated April 17, 2017

Troubleshooting your HP Deskjet Printer is not as difficult as it seems. When users need to change their ink cartridge, some people encounter stuck cartridges due to an improperly installed compartment. You do not need to start banging your hand on your printer and force your cartridge out. You wouldn’t want to create more problems for yourself. You just need to check its carriage and see to it that the compartment is correctly positioned to completely remove the cartridge.

Open the top lid of your HP Deskjet Printer and check on the selectability number at the top of your ink cartridges. Check if you have the correct ink cartridge installed in the carriage slot by locating the selectability number at the top of the ink cartridge.

Turn off the printer by pressing on the power button if the ink cartridge is installed in the wrong slot. Remove the printer’s power cord from the power source.

Move the carriage slot of your HP Deskjet Printer from its resting position right behind the front panel. Position it to the right side of your printer to gain access to its ink cartridges.

Use a flashlight and check if the front right wall of your carriage has a “PSF” mark imprinted on it. This stands for "pen stuck fix." Proceed to the next step if you see that mark on your carriage. Arrange for a unit exchange if there is no “PSF” mark on the carriage.

Press the cartridge down to release the first snap of the carriage. Hold the ink cartridge’s protruding body flat to force it out of the carriage.

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