How to apply silicone oil to a treadmill

Treadmills can help people achieve a weight loss goal or maintain a healthy lifestyle. After weeks and months of use, though, the area between the treadmill's belt and the deck of the unit can become damaged due to friction, which could cause loud noises or even motor damage. One effective way to prevent friction damage is to lubricate this area with silicone. This lubrication can be applied as needed or every six months to maintain the treadmill.

Turn the treadmill off and unplug the unit from the wall.

Locate each of the roller bolts on the unit. These are generally located at the back of the treadmill.

Loosen the bolts with a wrench.

Carefully pull the treadmill's belt away from the bottom of the treadmill surface and place a layer of silicone lubricant on the entire top surface of the deck.

Place the treadmill's belt back into its original position and tighten the roller bolts.

Plug the treadmill in and turn it on.

Set the treadmill for a slower speed and walk on it for two minutes to spread the silicone oil more evenly over the entire treadmill deck.

Things You'll Need

  • Wrench
  • Silicone oil
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