How to make big money with animals

Written by kassie kleifgen | 13/05/2017
How to make big money with animals
You can make a good salary working with wild or tamed animals. (animals image by TEMISTOCLE LUCARELLI from

There are many different options to make a lot of money while working with animals. You can find a well-paying job while working with small, large, underwater and land animals. You can also work with wild animals, or pets. High-paying animal jobs include selling pet medications and supplies, breeding, training and entertainment. By making money with animals, you can be doing what you love, and making a good salary.

Responsibly breed dogs or other pets. Breeding animals is a high-paying job, especially with purebred dogs. By owning two dogs of the opposite sex that are officially recognised as a pure bred (American Kennel Club), and breeding and taking care of the animals, you can sell the puppies for a high-dollar price.

Sell pet supplies and medications. Find a company that you can join to sell pet supplies and apply to be the delivery person. Often times, the pet supplies seller will visit specific homes to help the pet owners with their new products.

Start a pet entertainment business. This may be starting a pet photography business by being a photographer who advertises your special care with animals, or running a show with talented animals by taking them to birthday parties or other gathering events. The entertainment business can produce a lot of money, as long as it is done legally.

Start an obedience training business. Become well rounded in pet obedience and get an obedience license. Go to local pet stores near you and apply to be their new obedience counsellor, or start a private business of your own. Pet obedience school is a pricey program that people are willing to pay for their pets.

Work at a zoo or animal specific viewing centre, like an aquarium or exotic bird viewing area. These places give you the chance to work with wild animals and learn about their habits and environment. Zoo keepers and specialists make a large salary to work with these amazing and somewhat dangerous animals. You may need a zoology degree to be in this field of work.


  • Working with animals can be dangerous. It is important to take specific precautions for each animal you work with.

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