How to Make a Tally Chart on the Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

If you would like to make a professional chart to display tally information, then use Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program to enter your data and convert it into a chart or graph. Microsoft Excel provides users with a variety of chart and graph formats that look professional and are easy to view. You can print charts and distribute them to people whose scores or numbers are reflected in the chart, such as your golf team.

Open a new Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can access Excel on the "Start" menu or on your desktop. Double-click to open a new spreadsheet.

Click on the first cell, cell "A1." Type "Names."

Click on cell "A3" and type the first name of the person in your group. Continue clicking on the cells in column A and entering the names of the people in your group.

Click on cell "B1" and type the score of the person listed in "A1." Continue this process until all of the scores have been entered.

Click cell "A1" again. Highlight the entire data set by pressing "Control" and "A" at the same time.

Click "Insert" on the toolbar. Select a style of graph, such as a bar or column graph. Once you select a style, the graph will appear on your spreadsheet.

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