How to Restart Apple Bonjour

Written by mario calhoun | 13/05/2017
How to Restart Apple Bonjour
Restart the Bonjour Services on your computer to re-establish a network connection. (network cable image by Radoslav Lazarov from

The Bonjour application by Apple is used by iTunes and other programs to connect to other devices through a network protocol, according to Dwight Spivey, author of "How to Do Everything Mac." According to Spivey, it is also known as Zero Configuration Networking as it "talks" to devices on the network without the need to alter your network or configuration settings. Once Bonjour connects two devices over the network, they can share information instantly. If you are unable to connect to a printer or program, restarting your Bonjour application may correct the issue.

Click the "Start" button located at the bottom of the desktop screen and type "Services" in the search field above the Start button.

Click the "Services" tab in the Programs section of the pop-up menu to run the Services tool. Click the "Name" column in the Services window to arrange your PC's service programs by name. Click "Bonjour Service" in the "Name" column of the Services window to highlight the program.

Right-click the highlighted selection and select "Restart" on the shortcut menu. Alternatively, select "Stop" on the shortcut menu and right-click the "Bonjour Services" tab again. Click "Start" on the shortcut menu to enable the program.

Click "File" at the top of the Services window and click "Exit" on the pull-down menu to close out of the window.

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