How to Adjust Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Settings

Updated February 21, 2017

Your Toshiba touchpad can be adjusted in a variety of ways to meet your needs, including changing its touch sensitivity, tracking speed, sensitive areas and whether you want it functioning at all or completely disabled. The exact adjustments available and the wording in the dialogue boxes on your computer will vary according to your laptop model and your Windows operating system version, but accessing these controls is similar across Toshiba models. To toggle the touchpad on and off, if you prefer to disable it completely while typing, press the "FN" and "F9" keys simultaneously.

Locate the touchpad icon in your computer's notification area (also called the system tray in some versions of Windows). This is the lower left corner of the strip across the bottom of your computer, near the clock. The icon looks like a touchpad, with a larger rectangle on top and two smaller rectangles below, representing the buttons. You may need to click on the arrows to the left of the icons to see the full icon set.

Right-click on the touchpad icon, then click on "Pointing device properties" or the similar option on your system.

Click on the "Device settings" tab, and then click "Settings" in the box that opens, known as the mouse properties window.

Adjust the settings for scrolling, tapping and other touchpad features by following the directions on your screen. When you are finished, click "OK."

Click on the other tabs in the mouse properties window and follow the on-screen instructions to adjust other settings related to the touchpad, such as how fast the pointer moves across the screen when you use the touchpad and the pointer's shape in different situations.

Click "Apply" when you are finished in each tab before moving onto the next one.

Click "OK" to save all of your settings when you are finished.


You can also access the mouse properties window through the control panel on your "Start" menu. The control panel is under "Settings" in most versions of Windows XP. Select the "Mouse" option from the control panel list.

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