How to set up an online petition

Updated July 19, 2017

Online petitions can serve as a means for the creators to try to enact or protest changes in policy, vent frustration over cancelled TV shows or delayed DVD releases or appeal for the release of an incarcerated individual, among other things. Websites such as, and allow users to create free online petitions for any issue they feel passionate about and want others to support.

Go to Click on "Start your own free petition today!" A new window with a petition submission form will pop up. Carefully read through the form and fill out the petition statement, petition signatures information, petition background information and petition author contact information. Be precise and write clearly and accurately; the form cannot be edited once it is created. Review the form carefully and click the "Preview This Petition Submission" button. Approve the preview on the next page. The petition will go live on the site, and you can now start promoting it.

Go to Click the green "Click Here to Start a Petition" button. Select a category for the petition, fill in your petition's title, who you want it to be sent to, the URL, signature goal, petition statement and your e-mail address. Click the "Start Petition" button to publish the petition to the site.

Go to Click the "Start Petition" button. You will be taken to an Frequently Asked Questions page. Click the "Start a Petition" site. Fill in your petitions title, target, sponsor (your name or your organisation's name) and the petition's overview. Upload a photo or video relevant to your petition's purpose. Fill in your contact information, a letter to the target and any custom features you want to add. Add a petition promo if you want to promote the petition on the Care 2 website. Click the "Publish" button when you are done filling out the information and your petition will go live.


Be very accurate when you fill out your petition's goal. People won't sign it if they don't know what they are supporting or what the desired result will be.

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