How to Enlarge Images on a Copier

Updated February 21, 2017

Enlarging images on a photocopier allows you to create patterns for sewing or crafts or simply to create a large image from a smaller original. Many photocopiers come equipped with the capability to both enlarge and reduce images with the push of a button. Once enlarged, you have the option of creating multiple copies of the enlarged image. Although the menu on the photocopier may vary, the procedure is the same.

Place the original image face down on the glass of the copier. Follow the paper placement guide surrounding the glass surface. Arrows or bold lines indicate the proper alignment.

Close the cover.

Read the menu located on the top of the photocopier. Look for the "Enlarge" and "Reduce" buttons. This allows you to choose the percentage you wish to enlarge the image. You may also be able to select "Fit to Page," depending on the photocopier you are using.

Select the appropriate size and push the "Copy" or "Start" button.

Examine the copy to determine if it is the desired size. Make adjustments to the size with the "Enlarge" button, if necessary. If you are unsure of the exact percentage of increase you need, you may need to make several copies until you get the desired size.

Enter the number of copies desired in the menu screen and push "Copy."

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