How to print CD & DVD covers

If you are an amateur or professional filmmaker, musician or graphic designer, then it is likely that you create your own CD and DVD projects. Designing and printing CD and DVD covers can make your projects more sophisticated, impressing those who see your work. You can use a computer and a printer to easily design and print your own CD and DVD covers to be used on CD and DVD cases.

Turn on your computer and open a graphic design program. If you do not already have an application of this type installed, download a program such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW or CreativePro.

Create a new blank project. To create a CD cover, create a canvas that is 5 by 5 inches. To create a DVD cover, create a canvas that is 272 by 184 millimetres.

Add background colours, gradients, patterns, or pictures. Insert photographs or clip art for the main content of the cover design. Add title text to the cover design. Add image effects and adjust colours and textures using image filters.

Insert a piece of glossy photo paper into your printer. Make sure that the paper that you have chosen is usable in the type of printer you are using, either a inkjet or laser printer.

Navigate to the File menu within the graphic design application that you are using and select the "Print" option. Adjust the printing options to allow for photo quality printing on high-gloss paper. Click "OK" and wait for the printing process to finish. Cut the cover out of the piece of paper using scissors and insert it into the CD or DVD case.


Avoid touching your CD and DVD covers for at least three minutes after printing has finished to avoid smudging your covers.

Things You'll Need

  • CD and DVD cover templates
  • CD and DVD cases
  • Scissors
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