How to Convert a Scanned PDF to Word

Updated March 23, 2017

Portable Document Format is a commonly-used electronic format for scanned documents. When you scan from a piece of paper, the PDF replicates the content into a static image that cannot be easily edited. In some circumstances, it's helpful to be able to convert the scanned image into a changeable Word document. Your best bet is to use a free online conversion tool that will immediately change your PDF document to Word.

Log on to PDF Online, where you can convert PDFs to Word documents for free. Click "Browse" to select the scanned PDF document from your computer, then click "Upload and Convert." The Word document will be available for download immediately after the conversion process is complete.

Log on to Nitro PDF's PDF to Word Converter. Click "Browse" to select your PDF file. Select ".DOC" under "Step 2," then enter your e-mail address. After you click "Convert," the Word document will be sent to you via e-mail.

Log on to the PDF Converter website. This site works similarly to Nitro PDF's converter. Click "Browse" to select the scanned PDF. Next to "Output Format," select "Word (doc)." Enter your e-mail address and check the box next to "Attach Files to Email." Click "Convert Your File" to receive the Word document via e-mail.

Things You'll Need

  • PDF document
  • Internet access
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