How to Convert the Windows Media Library From WMA to MP3

Updated July 19, 2017

Windows Media Player supports many audio formats, but its default format is Windows Media Audio (WMA). However, many other programs and audio players do not support WMA, while most every program and player made today is compatible with the MP3 format. Converting individual WMA files to MP3 can be frustrating, but several programs make it possible to batch-convert WMA files to MP3. This makes converting large numbers of WMA to MP3 much easier and faster.

Locate the songs in your Windows Media Music Library. They are usually found under "My Music".

Open iTunes and go to "Edit", and then "Preferences." In the "General" tab click on "Import Settings".

Select "MP3 Encoder" from the "Import Using" list and click "OK".

Identify the folders in your Windows Media Library that contained the songs to be converted. Drag these folders into iTunes. You will be asked if you want to convert the files to MP3. Click "Convert" and iTunes will automatically convert all the files to MP3s.

Download and install FormatFactory (see Resources). Launch the program after installation is complete.

Go to the "Audio" tab and click on "All to MP3".

Click "Browse" and add the folders from your media library that you want to convert. Check the box next to "Entire Tree" to convert all the sub-folders as well.

Click on "Add Folder". Delete the text under "Filter", replace it with "*.wma" and click "OK".

Click "OK" in the "All to MP3" menu to return to the main window.

Click on "Options". Select the folder where the new files will be saved by clicking on "Change" under "Output Folder". Click "OK".

Click "Start" to convert the folders you selected to MP3s.

Download and install Switch Audio File Converter (see Resources). Launch the program after installation is complete.

Click on "Add Folder". Select the folder with the music you want to convert, and then click "OK". You can repeat this step to add more folders.

Click on "Browse" next to "Output Folder" to select a folder where the new files will be saved. After selecting a folder click "OK".

Click on the drop-down list next to "Output Format" and select ".mp3".

Click "Convert" and MP3 copies of the WMA files will be made.


These processes won't delete the original files, so be sure to delete them if you want to save hard drive space.

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