How to Make Utorrent Download Torrents Faster

Updated July 19, 2017

The program uTorrent lets you use Torrent technology to download files to your computer. Normally your computer will use an amount of your total Internet resources to download the particular file. This is so that the download doesn't interrupt any other Internet activity. There are controls inside of uTorrent that will let you change this setting so that you use more of your Internet speed to make uTorrent download Torrent files faster.

Download and install uTorrent if you haven't yet done so. Right-click on the downloaded Torrent file and select "Open With." Click on "uTorrent" and click "OK,"

Right-click on the entry showing the downloaded Torrent inside of the main uTorrent screen. Select "Bandwidth Allocation" from the options available.

Select "High." The option currently selected is "medium" and the one on the bottom is "low." In the main window for uTorrent you'll see the download speed listed under "KB/s" (kilobytes/second) begin to increase.


Many Torrent files have Torrents that are illegal or dangerous to download so it's important to be cautious when choosing Torrents.

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