How to Make a Nest Box for an African Gray

Updated February 21, 2017

An African Gray or Grey is a domesticated parrot that has a distinct red-and-black tail feathers and white eye markings. It is native to Equatorial Africa. These parrots are popular pets as they are friendly and easy to take care of. When it comes time for your parrot to nest you can easily provide her a safe, indoor area that is all her own. You can make this nesting box for your African Gray in just a few minutes.

Carefully lift one flap on the side of a cardboard soda can box so that you can remove the cans from inside. Make sure the box you use is big enough for your African Gray, so you may have to use a box from beer cans or a special 24-pack of soda cans.

Spread a thin layer of soft wood shavings or straw on the bottom of the box. This will make the box more inviting and comfortable for your bird.

Cut a small hole along one of the top edges of the box with a utility knife. The hole should be just big enough for your parrot to fit her head into.

Glue the opened flap down with a glue stick so it looks like you never it opened it.

Place the box in or very near your parrot’s cage and introduce it to her as she begins to show signs of nesting.


You can make a nesting box whenever you have an empty soda can box so it’s ready whenever your birds might need it.


Do not make the hole too big or your bird won’t feel comfortable; she will widen the hole herself so she can fit inside the box.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardboard soda can box
  • Wood shavings or straw
  • Utility knife
  • Glue stick
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