Allergies Related to the Scent of Lily Flowers

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The lily flower's sweet scent is a popular ingredient in perfumes and soaps. However, some people are highly allergic to this scent and develop rashes when exposed to it. The scent of real lilies can be equally troubling, causing breathing difficulties in affected persons. If you are allergic to the scent of lilies, stay away from all lily-scented materials and avoid the flower itself.

Itchy Skin

If an allergic person comes into contact with lily-scented perfumes, her skin may itch. Itching usually occurs on the hands, face or arms, according to Itchy skin is usually accompanied by a rash. The allergic reaction may occur immediately or up to two days after exposure.

Asthma Attack

Some people have an asthmatic reaction to the scent of lilies and other flowers, according to Upon smelling these flowers, an asthmatic person begins to have difficulty breathing and may need to take inhalant medication. The stronger the scent, the more likely an attack. Asthma attacks occur immediately after exposure to the scent and are potentially fatal if untreated.

Sore Mouth

If an allergic person allows lily-scented material to come in contact with his mouth, he can develop rashes or blisters in his mouth. The person's tongue may also be affected. Like itchy skin conditions, this condition can occur up to two days after exposure.

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