How to Download a Video Stream in Safari

Updated March 23, 2017

Being unable to download your favourite movies and TV shows is quite frustrating, as you cannot watch them without an Internet connection. In this regard, Safari has provided a great advantage to its users. Safari offers a small tool known as Activity window that you can use for downloading practically anything from the web, including videos and movies from streaming websites such as YouTube, My Space, Megavideo and others.

Open the streaming video you want to download, perhaps a TV show episode from Megavideo.

Play the video.

Press these buttons simultaneously: “Command” + “Option” + “A.” Or, go to “Window” from the top menu and click on “Activity.”

Find the video activity. If you have more than one tab or window opened at the moment, it will show all the activities, including the Megavideo activity. Click the arrow next to “Megavideo,” and it will show you a long list of files. From this list, find the largest file. Almost all the files will be either in bytes or kilobytes, except one, which will perhaps be in megabytes. The largest file is the video file you’re looking to download.

Double-click the largest file, which will now start downloading. Depending on the size of file and your Internet speed, it may take several minutes to complete the download.

Go to the “Downloads” folder from the dock. You can rename the file if you want. The file extension is .flv. You can now play it in VLC player or QuickTime.


If you want to play your videos in QuickTime, download and install Perian from the website in Resources. Perian is a free QuickTime component that adds support for different video formats such as FLV.

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