How to Ask a Veterinarian a Question Online for Free

Updated February 21, 2017

Pets are part of the family, and when there is a health problem with a pet, the immediate response is to ask a veterinarian what should be done. Asking questions online can sometimes save a trip to the vet and get the pets the help they need without worrying about the costs. Asking vets questions online should never be used during an emergency situation, but for simple questions about pet health or ways to ease normal pet problems, asking online is a good option.

Go to a veterinary website that allows asking the vets questions. Sites like Online Veterinary Advice or Ask My Vet have options available for talking to a vet, submitting questions or getting diagnosis based on the pet's symptoms. Be careful of the site you choose because some require joining as a member, purchasing pet products before being allowed to talk to the vet or paying for the advice. Very few sites give the information and option to speak to a vet for free.

Locate the button for talking to a vet. The button will typically say "Submit question" or "Ask for diagnosis" or a similar phrase. Click on the button.

Type the question in the box provided on the website. If the vet is available at the moment when the question is submitted, an answer can be given within a very short time. If the vet is not online, an e-mail is sent to the vet with the question.

Wait for a reply to the question. Depending on when the vet is online, the answers can take a while. Free sites usually take longer than paid sites because the vet is volunteering to give information for free and the demands on time and questions can result in a long wait.


Never submit questions to vets about emergency situations online. Emergencies should be handled immediately at a veterinarian's office.

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