How to make a floral arrangement for a bridal arch

Updated April 17, 2017

A bridal arch, or arbor, is a common feature in outdoor weddings. Typically, the bride and groom stand beneath one while they are married. You can fashion bridal arches out of wood or metal. It is common to adorn a bridal arch with a floral arrangement that coordinates with the rest of the wedding flowers. Such an embellishment enhances the arch's visual appeal, and lends a sense of abundance and, in some cases, fragrance to the wedding ceremony. Making a floral arrangement for a bridal arch is a fun and relatively easy way to enhance the beauty and romance of an outdoor wedding.

Submerge the floral foam brick in the bucket until it is thoroughly saturated.

Place the floral foam brick in the cage, which will enclose the brick while allowing it to be penetrated with flowers and greenery.

Place the ladder or stool below the top centre portion of the arch. Grasp about six pieces of floral wire, hold onto the caged floral foam and climb the ladder. Attach the foam to the top centre portion of the arch using the wire. Push the wire through the bars of the plastic cage and wind it around the arch, wrapping and twisting it tightly. Join the caged floral foam to the arch with wire positioned at the cage's right and left sides and its top and bottom. Use as many pieces of wire as necessary to hold the floral foam tightly and securely against the arch.

Select several pieces of greenery. Trim the pieces to your desired length. Insert the greenery into the floral foam. Position the greenery at the right and left sides of the floral foam, as well as at its top and bottom. Add greenery to the front of the floral foam. For a graceful, draping effect, use longer pieces of greenery at the right and left sides of the floral foam. Allow the longer pieces to hang down, echoing the shape of the bridal arch. Add as much greenery as needed to create a full, lush foundation for the flowers.

Choose several cut flowers. Trim the stems to your desired length. Insert the cut flowers into the floral foam, echoing the shape created by the greenery. Position longer cut flowers at the right and left sides of the floral foam for a softly arching effect. Then add flowers to the top, bottom and front.

View the floral arrangement from a variety of angles. Make sure the foam is completely covered with both greenery and flowers, and that no foam will be visible to the wedding's audience.


Creating a floral arrangement for a bridal arch on-site, as described in the steps above, is the most efficient and foolproof method, because you can make the arrangement the correct size and shape for the arch. It is possible, however, to design the arrangement in a caged brick of floral foam ahead of time, and then wire it to the arch once you arrive to the wedding site. With this method, it is smart to bring along extra flowers, greenery and scissors so you can make any needed additions and adjustments.

Things You'll Need

  • Water-filled bucket
  • Floral foam brick
  • Floral foam cage
  • Ladder or stool
  • 16-gauge floral wire
  • Greenery
  • Assorted cut flowers
  • Scissors
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