How to Open a Liberty Centurion Gun Safe

Updated February 21, 2017

The Liberty Centurion Gun Safe comes in four different sizes. Each size uses the same lock mechanism. The lock has a key slot and a combination dial. As an added security measure, the combination dial cannot be turned unless the key is inserted. To open a Centurion safe, the proper sequence of steps must be taken. The combination dial is sensitive. If a number is passed even by a half-turn, the entire combination may need to be started over from the beginning.

Insert the dial key into the slot. Turn the key one-half turn clockwise to unlock the combination dial.

Turn the dial counterclockwise at least four times. Stop on the first number of the combination.

Turn the dial clockwise. Pass the second number twice. Stop on the number on the third turn.

Turn the dial counterclockwise. Pass the third number once. Stop on the number on the second turn.

Turn the dial clockwise until the dial completely stops.

Turn the safe handle clockwise until it stops. Pull the safe door open.

Things You'll Need

  • Safe key
  • Combination
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