Krups Home Espresso Machine Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

The Krups Home Espresso Machine comes in several varieties, but each is designed to automatically brew and serve a cup of espresso coffee. Krups is a company based in Germany, founded by Robert Krups. For the first century of its existence, Krups manufactured scales. Then, according to the company's website, "in 1956, Krups launched the first electric coffee grinders." In 1983, Krups debuted its first espresso machine and soon expanded its coffee machines to include many varieties.

Pre-heat the espresso cup or mug with hot water. If you are brewing espresso from ground coffee, do not use instant coffee or instant drink powder.

Fill the filter holder with ground coffee using the coffee scoop and press down. One scoop makes 50ml of coffee, two scoops makes two 100ml cups and three scoops makes one large, 100-ml cup.

Attach the filter holder by turning it from left to right until it clicks into the centre position. Place espresso cup or cups under the filter holder.

Press the coffee cup icon button, which will set the espresso machine to coffee preparation. The single cup icon indicates a small cup, the double cup icon indicates two small cups and the large cup icon indicates a large cup.

Start the coffee preparation. The coffee flow stops automatically. If you wish to pause the flow, press the coffee cup icon again.

Remove the filter holder once the espresso cup is filled. Turn the filter holder upside down and press on the bottom to eject the coffee grounds.


The top of the Krups Home Espresso Machine features a warming plate, where you can keep your cup of espresso at a warm temperature. Some Krups Home Espresso Machines have the capability to make cappuccino and hot chocolate.


Each Krups Home Espresso Machine Model is slightly different. Consult all the manufacturer's instructions before using the unit.

Things You'll Need

  • Krups Home Espresso Machine
  • Espresso mug


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